Semisom 265L
Semisom 265L
Power 0.55kw
Flow rate
320 ltr/min

Semisom 265l Semisom 265L Leaflet
Semisom 265L

Cast iron / stainless construction, these pumps are designed for small dirty water / sewage type applications with a 35mm solids handling capability.

Coolant filled motor, mechanical seal, lip seal and 1 1/2" discharge. Float switch and 10m cable as standard.
  • To convey waste and sewage water from septic tanks;
  • To drain rainwater
  • To pump liquids containing solids and filaments (with vortex impeller).

Temperature 35 °C continuous rating / 45 °C intermittent
Maximum immersion: 20 mts
Maximum passage of solids: 35 mm

Cast iron / Stainless
Weight 16.50 kg
Dimension 426x162x230 mm

Models 365L 450L also available.
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