Saturn 4FL
Espa Saturn 4FL
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Espa Saturn 4FL 250
Espa Saturn 4FL 350
Espa Saturn 4FL 700
Espa Saturn 4FL 900
Espa Saturn 4FL 1300

Espa Saturn 4FL 250/350/700/900/1300

Submersible multi-stage centrifugal pumps, radial series, with built-in check valve, for 4” (100 mm) wells.

Agricultural and industrial installations, hydropneumatic sets and irrigation. Highly resistant to abrasion. They can operate with sand in suspension up to 100 gr/m3.

Outer casing, filter, shaft, discharge body, pump base and cable protection in stainless steel AISI 304 .
Floating impellers and diffusers in Noryl® .
O’rings in NBR.

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