Drainage Pumps
Wastewater Pumps
Drainage and sump pumps made of stainless steel and cast iron. Mechanical seal and open impeller.
Versions with and without float switch are

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Suitable for dirty water systems solids.
Applications include wastewater, sewage, irrigation, industrial and agricultural.
Options include with - without float switch.
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Borehole Pumps
Pool Pumps
Submersible Borehole pumps of the latest
generation. Compact, practical and stainless,
they combine power and reliability thanks to the
quality of their materials and innovative design.

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Pool pumps quiet running centrifugal with pre-filter ideal for pools, spas and swimming pools.
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Lrg Wastewater Pumps
Pump Accessories

Large sewage pumps available in cast iron execution and stainless steel option.
The full range includes single and multi channel, self
cleaning for managing solids.

Grinder versions available.

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Complete range of pump accessories.
Valves, fittings, hose and clamps..

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