Semisom 450L
Semisom 450l
up to 50mm
0.75 - 2.00
30 to 650 l / min
Pumping Height
0.0 to 14.5 m

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Semisom 450L

  • To convey waste and sewage water from septic tanks;
  • To drain rainwater;
  • To pump liquids containing solids, filaments (with impeller)

Maximum liquid temperature:35°C
Maximum immersion: 20 mts
Maximum passage of solids: 50 mm

Tie rods, handle, bolts, nuts and motor shaft in stainless steel
Cover, pump casing and impeller in mechanical cast iron
Graphite and ceramics mechanical seal (silicon carbide on request)
Coolant filled asynchronous motor with short circuit rotor on ball bearings
The single-phase version is provided with a box containing the capacitor
Version with internal capacitor
Handle in nylon
Internal capacitor put in a separate, easily accessible water tight chamber.


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