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UK Pumps.co.uk is the internet presence of Almar Pumps.

  Almar pumps are specialists in the installation and supply of pumps for all applications.

Some of our specialist pumps are wastewater, sewage, drainage, borehole, sumbersible, agricultural and pool pumps. We are not limited to just the types of pumps listed and can supply or install the full range of pumps from the following manufacturers Alma, Ebara, Espa, Caprari, BBC Semisom, FLYGT, KSB, Stuart Turner and Sea-Land.

We supply the domestic user with sump pumps through to commercial applications for borough councils, county councils, farmers, the leisure industry, construction industry and landscapers.

We also offer a full maintenance, system and fault diagnosis service.
ECOSOM Solar Powered Pumping Station Kit

ECOSOM solar powered pumping station  

The ECOSOM solar powered pumping station is designed to run a selection of varying duty 24Vdc submersible pumps. It is particularly suited to remote applications where mains power is not available. The kit comprises an easily assembled mounting frame, 2 x 180W photovoltaic solar panels, control kiosk housing interlocking door isolator, AGM longlife rechargeable batteries, 20Amp automatic charge controller, control relays, HAND/OFF/AUTO selector switch, fuses, status lamps, float/pressure switch device etc., and pump suitable for given application. Various 24V surface mounted pumps and booster sets can also be supplied.

Most Popular Pump Lines

Drainage Pumps

Drainage and sump pumps
made of stainless steel and
cast iron. Mechanical seal
and open impeller.
Versions with and
without float switch are

Pool Pumps

Pool pumps quiet running centrifugal with pre-filter ideal for pools, spas and swimming pools.

Waste water Pumps

These Sewage pumps have
been designed for sewage,
industrial and agricultural
waste water applications.
The pumps have excellent
solids handling
characteristics with long
service life.

Large Waste Pumps

Large sewage pumps available
in cast iron execution and
stainless steel option.
The full range includes single
and multi channel, self
cleaning for managing
solids. Grinder
versions available.

Borehole Pumps

Submersible Borehole
pumps of the latest
generation. Compact,
practical and stainless,
they combine power and
reliability thanks to the
quality of their materials
and innovative design.

Pump Accessories

Complete range of pump
accessories. Valves,
fittings, hose and

Lister Domestic Water Pump
The Lister Domestic Pump is a long established “positive displacement” water pumping machine. It was originally designed specifically to provide fresh water from wells or nearby streams for domestic use. Over the years, it has been used to boost water that needs to be moved upwards over long distances for agriculture, golf courses, or ornamental gardens. More Info

The Agrimax submersible pump is designed for heavy duty agricultural waste waterapplications
with a pumped media free passage of 25mm at temperatures up to 40°C

Pump Control Panels
Bespoke designed pump control
panels. Each unit made to your requirements.
Contact for quote.
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Dual pumping station Park Hall Hotel lancashire.
Park Hall Double Pump
We can supply and install all pumps from the
following manufacturers.
Caprari pumps
Caprari Pumps
Ebara pumps
Ebara Pumps
Espa Pumps
Espa Pumps
KSB Pumps
KSB Pumps
Stuart turner Pumps
Stuart Turner Pumps
Sea Land Pumps
Sea-Land Pumps
Alma Pumps
Alma Pumps
BBC Semisom pumps
Semisom Pumps